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From the eDesk of Stu "Sensei" Stirling
Near Tokyo, Japan

Dear Friend and Struggling Affiliate Marketer,

Did you know that brought in over $48 BILLION is sales in 2011?

And over $50 Billion in 2012?

What if you could tap into those sales and make some great affiliate commissions for yourself?

Well, you can and I am going to show you exactly how to do it!

I have developed a simple system for creating little review websites that promote Amazon products that have barely any competition, yet still make as much as $100 to $400 a month

Simple Little Niche Sites That Earn These Kind Of Commissions?

And Like This...

Not Amazon... But More Healthy Commissions Using The SAME Formula!

Yes in fact, this formula will work for ANY affiliate program, not just Amazon!

And The Best Part, My Sites Keep Making Money Like This, Month After Month... Even If I Forget About Them!

This "mini affiliate review site" business model is one of the rare types that generates real passive income.

Once you set them up, traffic and sales come on auto-pilot. But you have to know how to set them up right. I see so many people get it wrong and they never make a sale.

If you've been struggling to make sales and want to know the magic formula for choosing best converting niches and products, getting high rankings on google, and making money in your sleep,  you'll love Azon Commission Formula!

Want To Grab Your Piece Of The $50 Billion Amazon Pie Too?


Now you can discover and copy my proven formula, step-by-step!


The Azon Commission Formula

How To Quickly Setup Little Amazon Review Websites That Bring In As Much As $100-$400 A Month On Auto-Pilot!

In this 10-part video course I am going to show you exactly how to start using the Amazon affiliate program to generate monthly income you can rely on. 

I take you from start to finish, with no stone left unturned, so you can start creating your own little niche reviews sites that bring in commission on auto-pilot month after month.

Don’t worry, this course is not filled with a bunch of fluff or filler content. It is a straight to the point resource that will show you everything you need to know about profiting from Amazon.

My Video Course Reveals Exactly How To:

Find a low competition, highly lucrative niche to go after!

Create your review site quickly and in the proper way for maximum conversions!

Outsource all your content creation for a few bucks!

Add in your Amazon affiliate links

Properly SEO your site so it rises up the search engines

Start getting PAID & Free traffic to your site quickly

And many MORE stealth affiliate marketing techniques!

You get the complete walk-through of how to build these kinds of sites from scratch!

This is a complete video course that leaves nothing out. I show you everything - exactly the same way I build my own niche sites.

You Get To Watch Over My Shoulder As I Build A Money Making Website On Screen!

Instead of just talking about how to build these websites, or putting the steps in a PDF guide...

You are going to watch over my shoulder as I build one of them, right on video.

You get to watch the entire process in precise detail, from start to finish so you can build your own mini affiliate cash site right along with me.

After going through this course you will have all the knowledge you need to setup your own little commission earning websites just like I do.  

You can then go and quickly setup 1, 5, 10, 20 or more sites of them following the same formula!

The more sites you have, the more commissions you will see.

How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

It’s all depends on how much money you want to make!

Even if each site you make only earns you just $50 per month...

(let's be conservative here...  although I have no doubt that if you follow my formula step-by-step you will have no problems earning $50 commissions each month from each website!)

Create 10 simple websites, and you have a nice income of $500 per month coming in passively.

How would an extra $500 per month help you and your family?

It's possible! You just need to know how and then go out and take action!

The Formula For Making Real Money Online!

This formula really does work. Myself,  and hundreds of other affiliate marketers are doing earning great income using this exact model.

(quick disclaimer...) Now I'm not promising you will make $400 or even $50 per site... or even 1 cent after ordering and downloading this course.

YOU MUST TAKE ACTION if you want to get results!

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of people who download this course will do nothing with it.

However, if you DO watch the videos and TAKE action to build a mini review site like I have laid out, you CAN make great affiliate income.

I've tried to make this system as easy to follow as possible so you can get something going and start earning REAL set and forget income - even if you're a total beginner to the internet - Income that you can rely on for months, even years -with no exra work.

So are you ready to find out exactly how to do it?


You can for just a tiny investment of only $27!

Yep, for less than a cheap dinner for two you will have my proven formula, step-by-step to jump full force into making set 'n' forget money with Amazon affiliate review websites.

 Order Your Copy Today!

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Azon Commission Formula

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"I Made My First Sale"

I've been trying to make money with Amazon for a long time, but failed miserably. After getting Azon Commission Formula, I learned so much and saw where I was going wrong.

After a few changes to my existing sites, I finally got a sale! I earned a $61.12 commission! Not a lot but it's a start.

This really does work and I'm excited to get more of these mini-sites up and running following your formula.

Terry McDonald

"Sales Come In While I Sleep!"

Thanks Stuart. I just wanted to tell you that your Azon Commissions Formula course is a breath of fresh air.

I've wasted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on training products and programs and earned nothing from them. But since I started found this and built these little niche sites, I'm finally making money online.

I've got only 3 sites going, but have made around $380 in the past two months, but the best part is that sales come in while I sleep. It's amazing!

Susan Schrader

You have nothing to lose and so much Amazon cash to gain when you get your hands on this easy to follow, proven formula!

"Yes, Stuart! Give Me Access To Azon Commission Formula Right Now!"

Just $67, $47

Azon Commission Formula
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30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee!

Either It's The Best Amazon Course You've Bought Or Your Money Back!

You'll get instant download access to the video course after purchase.
Even if it's 2 AM!


To your success!

p.s. What would an extra $300 a month do for you? Help to pay some bills? Go on a short trip with your family? Just one site following my formula could earn you that! Get your copy now and you are backed by my 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee! Try it out and if it's not as awesome as this sales page makes it out to be, just email me for a swift refund.

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